Providing Free and Low-Cost Online Services for Families and Professionals Dealing with Autism was a communications network launched in 2002 that provided free and low-cost online services for families and professionals dealing with autism. The website was created to provide a value proposition for organizations, governments, and companies to provide distance learning, professional outreach, bulletin-board discussions, and database information services to families and professionals dealing with autism.

By sharing a central yet customized communications platform, allowed users to find resources at its website,, or virtually within the websites of TalkAutism’s partners. This allowed organizations and companies to offer value-added and customized services that would otherwise be costly to develop and maintain independently, and platforms for their presentations and services to be accessible through a growing network of participating organizations’ websites. was a service brand of e-Merge Medical Technologies and, in February 2006, was sublicensed to Caring Technologies to provide unique and promising Patient/Student Data Services for the autism community.

Products and Services provided a variety of products and services to help individuals and families dealing with autism:

ExpertFind – The Largest Interactive Resource Directory on the Web

ExpertFind was a searchable directory of experts and service providers in the autism field. It aimed to be the largest interactive resource directory on the web and is an invaluable tool for parents, educators, and professionals seeking information and resources related to autism.

HelpWanted – A Custom Message Board for Others to Respond

HelpWanted was a custom message board that allowed users to post questions, concerns, or requests for help related to autism. Other users could respond with helpful information or suggestions.

VirtualSpeaker – Distance Learning Platform to Share Media in a Variety of Formats

VirtualSpeaker was a distance learning platform that allowed organizations and companies to share media in various formats. This platform was ideal for hosting webinars, training sessions, and other educational events related to autism.