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Given the variety and complexity of psychometric tests, choosing a reliable and valid provider that can meet one’s needs and expectations is important. Here are some of the best psychometric test providers online, based on criteria such as reliability, validity, variety, cost, support and more.

Here are some of the providers that you can order psychometric tests from:

  1. SHL: A leading provider of psychometric tests and solutions for hiring, development and talent management. Offers a wide range of assessments covering skills, knowledge, ability, personality and behavior. Provides online testing platforms, reports and analytics, consulting services and training. Website: SHL
  2. Practice Aptitude Tests: A platform that offers hundreds of free practice psychometric tests for candidates preparing for aptitude tests. Covers numerical, verbal, logical, diagrammatic and other types of reasoning tests. Provides detailed solutions and explanations for each question. Website: Practice Aptitude Tests
  3. Mercer | Mettl: A provider of online psychometric assessments for hiring, recruitment, promotions and learning and development. Offers customized and standardized tests for measuring personality, cognitive ability, skills and knowledge. Provides secure data hosting on Amazon Web Services and psychometric analysis and reports. Website: Mercer | Mettl

One of the main reasons why employers and candidates use psychometric tests is that they provide objective and reliable data that can help make better decisions. For employers, psychometric tests can help identify the most suitable candidates for a job role, based on their fit with the required competencies and the organizational culture.

For candidates, psychometric tests can help showcase their strengths and areas for improvement and provide insights into their preferences and motivations.