Expert Professional Careers Advice and Resources

The Career Psychology Centre provides a range of on line and downloadable career development tools and career planning resources.

All of our tools have been developed by our team of qualified Chartered Occupational Psychologists.

If you need to prepare yourself for a psychometric test and are worried, or not sure what to expect, then our two full sets of downloadable psychometric Ability / Aptitude Practice Tests will help you.

These comprise two software packages – ‘Solutions Standard‘ (Basic/Graduate) and ‘Solutions Advanced’  (Business/Managerial). They include basic and graduate/managerial level tests assessing abstract ability, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking ability, as well as higher level business simulation and  strategic thinking tests.


Careers Interest Report (Completed On Line)

Do you have the opportunity to change job or start a new career?

Unhappy or unfulfilled in your current work?

Do you need a new job but are unsure which other types of work you would like to do?

Based on a detailed on line career assessment, a Careers Interest assessment report will help you find out what sort of work you would really enjoy, and which job would be right for you.


Career Development Report (Completed On Line)

Has your career stalled?  Been made redundant?

Do you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses in preparation for interview?  

Do you need to improve your employability, or personal and professional effectiveness?

Based on a detailed on line personality assessment, a Career Development Report provides you with a powerful and detailed insight into your own personality, as well as your strengths and development areas.  Career Development Report can improve your employability, help you address your development needs and give your career the impetus it needs. Some of our clients have also told us that a Career Development Report is an excellent way of helping them prepare for an interview or assessment centre.

Your Career Development Report comes with a Development Workbook to get you started addressing  your development needs.


The Personal CV and Resume Writer

Which of these mistakes have you made with your CV ?

Even if you have little work experience you can produce a powerful and comprehensive CV using our downloadable software at a fraction of the cost of a Professional CV writing service.


Job Application Tracker

Are you losing track of your job applications? 

Keep track of your job applications  with the Job Application Tracker. Record job details, employer details, contact person details, application events and history.

The Complete Career Development Package

Prepare yourself for a career change or a new challenge at work 

The Complete Career Development Package contains all of the career support tools you need to take you through the Complete Career Planning Process at a reduced price. This ranges from identifying the types of work you would be interested in and finding out about your own strengths and weaknesses, through to preparing a CV, dealing with psychometric tests and keeping track of your job applications. 

The Complete Career Development Package contains :

  • Careers Interest Report – to help you identify which jobs you are most interested in.
  • Career Development Report – based on a detailed personality assessment to help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as getting you started on dealing with your personal development areas.
  • The Personal CV and Resume Writer – to help you produce a range of CV’s for different job applications.
  • Job Application Tracker – to help you keep track of your job applications.
  • SOLUTIONS and SOLUTIONS ADVANCED – to help you prepare for a wide range of psychometric tests.